Arab Films

  • LOOK AT ME (2018)
    90 min - Fiction

    The life of the Tunisian immigrant Lotfi turns upside down after his ex-wife dies leaving behind their nine-year-old autistic son. Now, Lotfi has to find a ......

    Director: Nejib Belkadhi
    Writer: Nejib Belkadhi

    88 min - Documentary

    On the 15th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, the film examines the work of the Iraqi artists who are living away from home showing how their work tells ......

    Director: Kasim Abid
    Writer: Kasim Abid

    95 mins - Fiction

    Set against the backdrop of 2011’s spring in Syria, the film follows the 25-year Nahla who finds herself torn between choosing to stay in her country ......

    Director: Gaya Jiji
    Writer: Gaya Jiji

  • poisonous roses (2018)
    70 min - Fiction

    In a portrait of poverty in today’s Egypt, the story follows Taheya whose worst nightmare is her little brother fleeing the country and she does every ......

    Director: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh
    Writer: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh

  • SCREWDRIVER (2018)
    90 min - Documentary

    After being impersonated for 15 years, Palestinian Ziad is plagued with hallucinations and inability to adapt to the new world. However, soon an incident ......

    Director: Bassam Ali Jarbawi
    Writer: Bassam Ali Jarbawi

  • SOFIA (2018)
    80 mins - Fiction

    Set in the charming Casablanca, the film follows Sofia whose life turns upside down after giving birth. With no clue about who the father is , Sofia’s ......

    Director: Meryem Benm’barek
    Writer: Meryem Benm’barek

  • STATELESS (2018)
    94 min - Fiction

    Reflecting on the North African history from a female perspective, the film brings to the light the aftermath of the expelling of 45,000 families of ......

    Director: Narjiss Nejjar
    Writer: Narjiss Nejjar

    116 min - Documentary

    The documentary follows the thrilling journey of the two art students Saeed and Milad as they head for the city of Douma. Following their daily lives and ......

    Director: Ghiath Ayoub, Saeed Al Batal
    Writer: Ghiath Ayoub, Saeed Al Batal

  • tel aviv on fire (2018)
    100 min - Fiction

    After starting as an intern on a famous soap opera show, Palestinian Salam soon gets a promotion as a screenwriter with the help of an Israeli soldier. All ......

    Director: Sameh Zoabi
    Writer: Dan Kleinman, Sameh Zoabi

    94 min - Fiction

    War makes people lose everything...even their own shadows! Set in Syria, the film follows Sana who is in desperate need to find a gas cylinder to cook food ......

    Director: Soudade Kaadan
    Writer: Soudade Kaadan

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