Arab Films
  • off frame aka revolution until victory (2016)
    62 min - Documentary

    A filmmaker watches an archive of films from the period of the Palestinian revolution. A film that looks at the struggles of the Palestinians through their own......
    Director: Mohanad Yaqubi
    Writer: Reem Shilleh, Mohanad Yaqubi

  • road to istanbul (2016)
    100 min - Fiction
    Elisabeth is a mother living with her daughter in Belgium; soon her life gets turned upside down when she finds out that her daughter ha......
    Director: Rachid Bouchareb
    Writer: Rachid Bouchareb, Zoé Galeron, Yasmina Khadra, and Olivier Lorelle

  • still burning (2016)
    110 min - Fiction

    André is a Lebanese filmmaker who lives and works in France, unexpectedly meets a dear friend from his youth, Walid. During the Civil War, both of them ......
    Director: Georges Hachem
    Writer: Georges Hachem

  • sweat rain (2016)
    126 min - Fiction
    M'Barek struggles not to lose his land; his raison d'être. Ida, his wife, and the cornerstone of the family, struggles to carry her husband's burden in silence. ......
    Director: Hakim Belabbes
    Writer: Hakim Belabbes

  • terra firma (2016)
    71 min - Documentary

    In a small commercial harbor in southern France, two sailors who watch over ferries are abandoned by their Moroccan owners. Young Syrians stop by to load their......
    Director: Laurent Aït Benalla
    Writer: Laurent Aït Benalla

  • thala my love (2016)
    87 min - Fiction

    Amid the Tunisian Revolution in 2011, the political activist Mohamed escapes from jail and returns to his native town Thala to look for his ex-fiancée H......
    Director: Mehdi Hmili
    Writer: Mehdi Hmili

  • the dark wind (2016)
    92 min - Fiction

    Radical Islamist militants attack a village in Iraq where a young Yazidi love couple prepares for marriage. From that moment onwards their lives are turned int......
    Director: Hussein Hassan
    Writer: Mehmet Aktas, Hussein Hassan

  • the flower of aleppo (2016)
    90 min - Fiction

    A mother refuses to surrender to the status quo of the new reality of the Arab world and travels into the heart of darkness of ISIS to bring back her recruited......
    Director: Ridha Behi
    Writer: Ridha Behi

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