Arab Films

  • FARHA (2021)
    92 min - Fiction

    Set in 1948 Palestine, a 14-year-old girl watches from a locked pantry as catastrophe consumes her home, in this bold debut from Darin J. ......

    Director: Darin J. Sallam
    Writer: Darin J. Sallam

  • FEATHERS (2021)
    112 min - Fiction

    Feathers creates a fantasy world following the life of a submissive wife fully dedicated to her husband and children while being stuck in the daily, ......

    Director: Omar El Zohairy
    Writer: Omar El Zohairy, Ahmed Amer

    99 min - Fiction

    After her son is arrested in a gas station robbery, housekeeper Nora does everything she can to help him as he remains incarcerated awaiting ......

    Director: Hafsia Herzi
    Writer: Hafsia Herzi

  • Huda's Salon (2021)
    91 min - Fiction

    Based on real events, Huda’s Salon is a heart-racing, entertaining feminist thriller, where two women fight for their freedom. Reem, a young mother ......

    Director: Hany Abu-Assad
    Writer: Hany Abu-Assad

    89 min - Fiction

    Mid-nineties, a small town in Northern Morocco. Fouad is a technician whose life is disrupted by a neurological disease. While Fouad is dying, his family ......

    Director: Al Hadi Ulad-Mohand
    Writer: Al Hadi Ulad-Mohand

    89 min - Documentary

    After the Syrian Revolution, Al-Assad's regime besieges the district of Yarmouk, the largest Palestinian refugee camp in the world. Yarmouk is cut off. The ......

    Director: Abdallah Al-Khatib
    Writer: Abdallah Al-Khatib

  • MEMORY BOX (2021)
    100 min - Fiction

    Maia, a single mother, lives in Montreal with her teenage daughter, Alex. On Christmas Eve, they receive an unexpected delivery: notebooks, tapes, and ......

    Director: Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Jore
    Writer: Gaëlle Macé, Joana Hadjithom

  • MIGUEL’S WAR (2021)
    128 min - Documentary

    In this portrait that is multi-layered both in terms of form and content, a gay man confronts the ghosts of his past and explores hidden longings, ......

    Director: Eliane Raheb
    Writer: Eliane Raheb

    124 min - Fiction

    In a small village on the Syrian-Turkish border in the early 1980s, the six-year-old Kurdish boy Sero experiences his first school year in an Arab school. ......

    Director: Mano Khalil
    Writer: Mano Khalil

  • OUR RIVER.... OUR SKY (2021)
    117 min - Fiction

    The narrative in Our River...Our Sky is set against the background of sectarian violence in the last week of 2006, between Christmas and the Adha Eid. It ......

    Director: Maysoon Pachachi
    Writer: Irada Al-Jubori / Maysoon Pach

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