Arab Films

  • WESTERN ARABS (2019)
    77 min - Documentary

    Raised in a family where violence is a mean of solving issues, Omar Shargawi’s relationship with his family has never been an easy one. This film ......

    Director: Omar Shargawi

  • You Will Die at Twenty (2019)
    102 min - Fiction

    Set in a Sudanese village, the drama brings the story of Muzamel, the young boy who is cursed by a Dervish prophecy saying that he will die at the age of ......

    Director: Amjad Abu Alala
    Writer: Amjad Abu Alala, Yousef Ibrahi

  • A HAUNTED PAST (2018)
    90 min - Documentary

    Director Fatma Riahi traces the history of a family that long ago her mother present shelter to ‎in her house. A decade later, Fatma decides to examine ......

    Director: Fatma Riahi
    Writer: Fatma Riahi

  • AKASHA (2018)
    78 min - Fiction

    Set in a rebel-held area of Sudan during the civil war, the film follows the love story of Adnan and Lina over the course of 24 hours. Can their love ......

    Director: Hajooj Kuka ‎
    Writer: Hajooj Kuka ‎

  • AMAL (2018)
    83 min - Documentary

    Amal, an angry teenager, comes of age in a post-revolution Egypt that is undergoing tremendous change. The film is an observational self-discovery journey ......

    Director: Mohamed Siam
    Writer: Mohamed Siam

    95 min - Fiction

    A Saudi Arabian black comedy of a middle-aged wife whose life turns upside down once she learns that her husband is thinking of get married ......

    Director: Mahmoud Sabbagh

    90 min - Documentary

    A thrilling documentary that brings Ayreen Anastas together with both artist Rene Gabri and philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy to complete an unfinished ......

    Director: Ayreen Anastas, Rene Gabri
    Writer: Ayreen Anastas, Rene Gabri

  • AYA (2018)
    65 min - Fiction

    Aya meets the nice guy Bayode online, filled with passion and excitement, she decides to meet him face to face against the advice of her best friend. If ......

    Director: Khalid EL-Jelailati
    Writer: Khalid EL-Jelailati

  • CAPHARNAUM (2018)
    150 min - Fiction

    The film is a mix of fiction and documentary- realism bringing the story of a rebellious ‎child who refuses to follow the rules imposed upon him and ......

    Director: Nadine Labaki
    Writer: Nadine Labaki

    85 min - Fiction

    Synopsis: Forty years ago, filmmaker Cynthia Choucair was a refugee, today she is a volunteer of COUNTING TILES who welcomes the coming Arab refugees with a ......

    Director: Cynthia Choucair
    Writer: Cynthia Choucair

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