Arab Films
    75 min - Documentary

    Director Lina Alabed traces the disappearance of her Palestinian father. In this documentary, Lina is trying to figure what happened to him and understand the ......
    Director: Lina Alabed
    Writer: Lina Alabed

    95 min - Documentary

    Paying tribute to the golden age of the Egyptian cinema, Into Studio Masr chronicles the history of Studio Masr that was once Egypt’s center of cinematic......
    Director: Mona Assaad
    Writer: Mona Assaad

  • It Must Be Heaven (2019)
    97 min - Fiction

    The film follows filmmaker Elia Suleiman as he travels to different countries trying to find the resemblance in them to his native country Palestine.

    Director: Elia Suleiman
    Writer: Elia Suleiman

  • Khartoum Offside (2019)
    75 min - Documentary

    A documentary following the attempts of young women who try to put together a Sudanese team for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The film explores the many ob......
    Director: Marwa Zein

    105 min - Fiction

    Three dramatic stories interwoven with songs about the things we do for the people we love. Amin is a newly married young man, who accepts working as a male pr......
    Director: Tamer Ezzat
    Writer: Nadine Shams

  • LET’S TALK (2019)
    95 min - Documentary

    A documentary following intimate conversation between the filmmaker Merianne Khoury and her daughter and fellow filmmaker Sara. The film explores the themes of......
    Director: Marianne Khoury
    Writer: Marianne Khoury

  • MOSUL (2019)
    100 min - Fiction

    A thrilling drama following a police unit as they fight tooth and nail to free an Iraqi city from the terror of ISIS.

    Director: Matthew Michael Carnahan
    Writer: Matthew Michael Carnahan

    90 min - Documentary

    In 2001, Fahed went to the UK looking for a better tomorrow, but after 17 years, he still didn’t get that better future he wanted. Now, Fahed finds himse......
    Director: Karim Sayad
    Writer: Karim Sayad

  • Noom El Deek (2019)
    90 min - Documentary

    The film is an ode to all refugees in the world who are searching for a sense of identity and belonging. Through multiple diverse and complex characters from S......
    Director: Seif Abdalla
    Writer: Seif Abdalla

  • NOURA’S DREAM (2019)
    92 min - Fiction

    With her abusive husband in jail and only four days to finalize her divorce. Noura is having her life back on track with a new lover in her life. Yet, as fate ......
    Director: Hinde Boujemaa
    Writer: Hinde Boujemaa

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