Arab Films
  • looking for oum kulthum (2017)
    90 min - Documentary

    A biopic-like film of the legendary Om Kulthum ‎that’s presented in the format of a film within another film. The story follows an Iranian female fil......
    Director: Shirin Neshat
    Writer: Shoja Azari, Ahmad Diba, Shirin Neshat

  • martyer (2017)
    80 min - Fiction

    An engaging drama depicting the reaction of a group of people to the sudden drowning of one of their friends. Their reaction to the incidence throws an eye-ope......
    Director: Mazen Khaled
    Writer: Mazen Khaled

  • mary shelley (2017)
    120 min - Romance

    A sweet presentation of the love story between the English poet Percy Shelley and the writer Mary Shelley. The story depicts how this relationship resulted in ......
    Director: Haifaa Al-Mansour
    Writer: Haifaa Al-Mansour, Emma Jensen

  • mektoub- my love- canto uno (2017)
    180 min - Drama

    While on a vacation in his Mediterranean house, the screenwriter Amin’s life takes such a pleasant turn. In there, he falls heads over heels for a girl h......
    Director: Abdellatif Kechiche
    Writer: François Bégaudeau

  • of sheep and men (2017)
    78 min - Documentary

    The film presents a slice-of-life tale of sheep and men with the story of two Algerians, a young boy and a middle-aged man, who have a common interest in sheep......
    Director: Karim Sayad
    Writer: Karim Sayad

  • ouroboros (2017)
    74 min - Fiction

    How to be a human when humanity has failed? In a heart-wrenching tribute to Gaza ‎Strip, OUROBOROS tries to answer that question with a one-man journey as ......
    Director: Basma Alsharif
    Writer: Basma Alsharif

  • panoptic (2017)
    104 min - Documentary

    Though carrying the weight of an agonizing history on its shoulders, Lebanon ‎managed to be a vibrant city with an eagerness for modernity….or so it......
    Director: Rana Eid

  • photocopy (2017)
    90 min - Fiction

    The aging Mahmoud owns a photocopy shop. One day, he gets asked to print a paper about the possible reasons behind the extinction of ‎dinosaurs. As he prin......
    Director: Tamer Ashry
    Writer: Haitham Dabbour

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