Arab Films

  • A house in jerusalem (2023)
    110m - Drama

    Young Rebecca is forced to move with her father from the UK to Jerusalem, in the hopes that a new beginning can help her heal from her mother’s sudden ......

    Director: Muayad Alayan
    Writer: Muayad Alayan, Rami Alayan

  • BACKSTAGE (2023)
    - Fiction

    Director: Afef Ben Mahmoud, Khalil Benki

  • Deserts (2023)
    124m - Comedy

    Longtime friends Mehdi and Hamid work for a debt collection agency. To punish them for their poor performance, their management sends them into the ......

    Director: Faouzi Bensaidi
    Writer: Faouzi Bensaidi

  • Goodbye Julia (2023)
    120m - Drama

    Just before the secession of South Sudan, a married former singer from the north seeks redemption for causing the death of a southern man by hiring his ......

    Director: Mohamed Kordofani
    Writer: Mohamed Kordofani

  • Hardabasht (2023)
    95m - Drama

    A mother and her 3 boys,The youngest boy is religiously committed unlike his two older brothers who are drug dealers. They force their younger brother to ......

    Director: Mohammad Dayekh
    Writer: Mohammad Dayekh

  • INDIVISION (2023)
    - Fiction

    Tangier topography is in turmoil. Pharaonic real estate projects surround the Mansouria, a land-locked family estate that is up for sale and coveted by ......

    Director: Leila Kilani

  • INSHALLAH A BOY (2023)
    113m - Fiction

    The dark comedy revolves the madcap journey of a recent widow who has two weeks to conceive a male child to stop her in-laws taking possession of her ......

    Director: Amjad Al-Rasheed

  • La Nuit du verre d'eau (2023)
    83 - Drama

    Layla, a young mother and model wife who spends the summer in the remote Christian mountains. One day she accidentally encounter with a French man this ......

    Director: Carlos Chahine
    Writer: Tristan Benoît

  • Les Meutes (2023)
    94m - Drama

    A father and son in the suburbs of Casablanca get by on petty crimes for a local mob. When a kidnapping goes wrong, they must find a way to dispose of the ......

    Director: Kamal Lazraq
    Writer: Kamal Lazraq

  • Machtat (2023)
    82m - Documentary

    Mahdia, Fatma, and her daughters, Najeh and Waffeh, work as "machtat," traditional musicians who perform at wedding ceremonies. Their music evokes love and ......

    Director: Sonia Ben Slama
    Writer: Sonia Ben Slama

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