Arab Films

  • DACHRA (2018)
    113 min - Fiction

    A group of three Tunisian journalism students set out in a university assignment to solve the mysterious case of Mongia, a woman who were found mutilated 25 ......

    Director: Abdelhamid Bouchnak
    Writer: Abdelhamid Bouchnak

  • DEAR SON (2018)
    104 mins - Fiction

    The married couple Riadh and Nazly live every parent’s worst nightmare when they wake up one day to find their teenage son Sami missing. With a ......

    Director: Mohamed Ben Attia
    Writer: Mohamed Ben Attia

  • DIVINE WIND (2018)
    96 min - Fiction

    Synopsis: A couple of young people, a man and a woman, team up to pull out an attack against an oil-refinery in the North African desert. As the story ......

    Director: Merzak Allouache
    Writer: Merzak Allouache

    88 min - Documentary

    A heart-touching documentary following a group of activists in Syria between 2011 and ......

    Director: Maya Khoury

    76 min - Documentary

    Ghassan Halwani tries to investigate the history of the thousands who went missing during the Lebanese Civil War tracing their still-present absence in the ......

    Director: Ghassan Halwani
    Writer: Ghassan Halwani

  • EXT. NIGHT (2018)
    95 min - Fiction

    Brought together by fate, the film follows the lives of three strangers who have to live together for one night. As it turns out, this would be the night ......

    Director: Ahmad Abdalla
    Writer: Sherif el Alfy

  • FATWA (2018)
    102 min - Fiction

    Living in France for so many years now, Tunisian Brahim Nadhour returns to Tunisia to bury his son who died in an accident. To his shock, he finds out that ......

    Director: Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud
    Writer: Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud

    90 min - Documentary

    Set in Libya after the revolution, the documentary follows a group of women united by their dream of playing football for their country. However, as civil ......

    Director: Naziha Arebi
    Writer: Naziha Arebi

  • GUNSHOT (2018)
    98 min - Fiction

    A mysterious murder connects the lives of strangers, taking them in an unexpected journey where they question their beliefs and ......

    Director: Karim El Shenawy
    Writer: Haitham Dabbour

    76 min - Documentary

    Religious Salam Zuheiry left the art of sculpturing thirteen years ago, now as he is forced to endure a second war in his country, he overcomes the ......

    Director: Maya Mounayer
    Writer: Maya Mounayer

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