Arab Films

  • ZANKA CONTACT (2020)
    120 min - Fiction

    Brought together by fate, a washed-up rocker comes across a singer with a golden voice and a bad temper. Together, they embark on a wild journey that ......

    Director: Ishmael El Iraki
    Writer: Ishmael El Iraki

  • 143 SAHARA STREET (2019)
    100 min - Documentary

    Malika's coffee shop is set amidst the Algerian Sahara, a place that was once grounds for war. Malika's cafe on 143 Sahara Street, with its air of ......

    Director: Hassen Ferhani
    Writer: Hassen Ferhani

  • 1982 (2019)
    100 min - Fiction

    Set during the time of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, the film offers a new take on the beginning of Israel's invasion of Lebanon through the lives of the ......

    Director: Oualid Mouaness
    Writer: Oualid Mouaness

  • A HOME OF ONE’S OWN (2019)
    78 min - Documentary

    Ruba grew up in an exiled family. As she internalized her mother’s memories and difficulties, she now seeks to deconstruct them in order to recreate a ......

    Director: Ruba Atiyeh
    Writer: Ruba Atiyeh

  • A Long Breath (2019)
    - Documentary

    Living in Bal Al Tabbaneh, Lebanon, Ibrahim is a drug dealer who is about to be a father. The documentary follows his family’s struggle and constant ......

    Director: Remi Itani

  • A SON (2019)
    96 min - Fiction

    While on a vacation in Tunisia with his family, the 10-year old Aziz gets injured and needs a blood transfusion. The accident doesn’t only ruin their ......

    Director: Mehdi M. Barsaoui
    Writer: Mehdi M. Barsaoui

  • Abou Leila (2019)
    140 min - Fiction

    Set in 1994 Algeria, two police officers who are also childhood friends set out on a dangerous mission to the south to track down the terrorist Abou Leila. ......

    Director: Amin Sidi-Boumédiène
    Writer: Amin Sidi-Boumédiène

  • ADAM (2019)
    100 min - Fiction

    Shedding light on women’s friendship, rebirth, and oppression, the film follows Abla who after her husband’s death focuses on her career to give ......

    Director: Maryam Touzani
    Writer: Maryam Touzani

    93 min - Fiction

    Lebanon, July 2006. War is raging between Hezbollah and Israel. During a 24h ceasefire, Marwan heads out in search of his father who refused to leave his ......

    Director: Ahmad Ghossein
    Writer: Ahmad Ghossein, Abla Khoury, S

  • ARAB BLUES (2019)
    88 min - Fiction

    A lively comedy reflecting on modern Tunisia through the story of Salma who comes back home after living for years in Paris,  to open her own ......

    Director: Manele Labidi Labbé
    Writer: Manele Labidi Labbé

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