Arab Films
  • THE CAVE (2019)
    90 min - Documentary

    The film offers a gripping account of the heroic role played by the female doctors doing their best to save lives in Syria during the ......

    Director: Feras Fayyad
    Writer: Alisar Hasan, Feras Fayyad

  • THE LANDING (2019 )
    63 min - Documentary

    Through narration that depends more on the sound of objects rather than dialogue, the story follows three men who find themselves stranded in the desert. As ......

    Director: Akram Zaatari
    Writer: Akram Zaatari

    101 min - Fiction

    Reflecting on women issues in Saudi Arabia, the film follows a young Saudi doctor who runs for office in the local city elections. She may be the perfect ......

    Director: Haifaa Al-Mansour
    Writer: Haifaa Al-Mansour, Brad Nieman

    98 min - Fiction

    Set in late 2013, the film follows the lives of Zina and Djo in Tunisia as they try to build a life after coming back from the Syrian front where they were ......

    Director: Nouri Bouzid
    Writer: Nouri Bouzid

  • The Unknown Saint (2019)
    80 min - Fiction

    Ten years ago, Amine stole some money and before getting arrested by the police, he buried the money in the hills disguising it as a modest tomb. Now after ......

    Director: Alaa Eddine Aljem
    Writer: Alaa Eddine Aljem

  • TINY SOULS (2019)
    85 min - Documentary

    Marwa, a 9-year-old girl escapes with her family from Syria to be stranded in a refugee camp in Jordan. They thought it would be for a few months, but it ......

    Director: Dina Naser
    Writer: Dina Naser

  • Tlamess (2019)
    120 min - Fiction

    Following his mother’s death, the Tunisian soldier S deserts the army and he is chased by the police for it. While running from the police he gets ......

    Director: Ala Eddine Slim
    Writer: Ala Eddine Slim

    72 min - Documentary

    A film reflecting the issue of the loss of one’s path, the loss of the gesture, the loss of insurrectionary ......

    Director: Ghassan Salhab

  • WESTERN ARABS (2019)
    77 min - Documentary

    Raised in a family where violence is a mean of solving issues, Omar Shargawi’s relationship with his family has never been an easy one. This film ......

    Director: Omar Shargawi

  • You Will Die at Twenty (2019)
    102 min - Fiction

    Set in a Sudanese village, the drama brings the story of Muzamel, the young boy who is cursed by a Dervish prophecy saying that he will die at the age of ......

    Director: Amjad Abu Alala
    Writer: Amjad Abu Alala, Yousef Ibrahi

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