Arab Films

  • barakah meets barakah (2016)
    88 min - Fiction
    In an environment hostile to dating of any kind, Barakah, a municipal civil worker from Jeddah, and Bibi, a wild beauty, who functions as a crowd-puller for ......

    Director: Mahmoud Sabbagh
    Writer: Mahmoud Sabbagh

  • blessed benefit (2016)
    83 min - Fiction

    Ahmad is a construction worker who gets tangled up in an unfortunate business deal that leads him to prison, where he meets fraudster Ibrahim who ruins his ......

    Director: Mahmoud Al Massad
    Writer: Mahmoud Al Massad

  • brooks meadows and lovely faces (2016)
    115 min - Fiction

    A family in a small Egyptian village prepares for a big wedding ......

    Director: Yousry Nasrallah
    Writer: Yousry Nasrallah, Ahmed Abdall

  • clash (2016)
    97 min - fiction

    tackling the political unrest that prevailed in egypt in 2013, clash's events take place in an 8-meter police truck, crammed with detainees representing ......

    Director: mohamed diab
    Writer: khaled diab, mohamed diab

  • egyptian jeanne d'arc (2016)
    85 min - Documentary
    Egyptian Jeanne d'Arc tells the true stories of resistance by Egyptian women since the outbreak of the revolution in 2011 through mythic story elements, poetic ......

    Director: Iman Kamel
    Writer: Iman Kamel, Klaus Freund

  • foreign body (2016)
    92 min - Fiction
    In France, Samia, a young illegal immigrant who ran away from her brother. Haunted by the fear of being followed by her extremist brother, Samia first finds ......

    Director: Raja Amari
    Writer: Raja Amari

  • hedi (2016)
    89 min - Fiction
    Hedi, a young man who doesn't expect much from the future. While his mother is making arrangements for marrying him off, He meets a young woman and falls in ......

    Director: Mohamed Ben Attia
    Writer: Mohamed Ben Attia

  • hepta- the last lecture (2016)
    112 min - Fiction

    Dr. Shukri Mokhtar is a renowned social psychology specialist, best known for his ability to answer the simplest questions, who decides to give one last ......

    Director: Hadi El Bagoury
    Writer: Wael Hamdy (screenplay), Moham

  • in the last days of the city (2016)
    118 min - Fiction
    In Cairo, Khalid, a 35 year old filmmaker is struggling to make a film that captures the soul of his city while facing loss in his own life. With the help of ......

    Director: Tamer El Said
    Writer: Tamer El Said, Rasha Salti

  • junction 48 (2016)
    96 min - Fiction

    JUNCTION 48 is telling the love story of two young Palestinian hip-hop artists who use their music to fight against the external oppression of Israeli ......

    Director: Udi Aloni
    Writer: Oren Moverman, Tamer Nafar

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