Arab Films
  • wajib (2017)
    96 min - Drama

    Many years ago, Shadi traveled abroad leaving behind his home in Palestine as well ‎as his troubled relationship with his father. Back for his sister&rsquo......
    Director: Annemarie Jacir
    Writer: Annemarie Jacir

  • watermelon club (2017)
    75 min - Drama

    Yaser Al Neyadi’s first feature film brings together the complex story of a group of men who gather up to practice a weird and mysterious rituals. Soon, ......
    Director: Yaser Al Neyadi
    Writer: Yaser Al Neyadi

  • whispering sands (2017)
    92 min - Drama

    With a hidden secret in mind, a Canadian woman hires a local guide to take her to a specific place in the Tunisian desert. Along the way, the guide keeps on sh......
    Director: Nacer Khemir
    Writer: Nacer Khemir

  • WRITING ON SNOW (2017)
    75 min - Fiction

    The gripping documentary follows the story of five individuals who come from different backgrounds and factions as they get locked inside one room during the w......
    Director: Rashid Masharawi
    Writer: Rashid Masharawi, Ibrahim Mozain

  • zagros (2017)
    102 min - Drama

    When Zagros’s wife finds herself accused of infidelity by her in-laws, she decides to run away with her daughter to start a new life in Belgium. Trusting......
    Director: Sahim Omar Kalifa
    Writer: Sahim Omar Kalifa, Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem

  • 104 wrinkles (2016)
    83 min - Documentary

    Hady follows his grandmother Henriette as she ages and crosses the centenarian milestone to reach 104 years. He witnesses the transformation of her memory, emi......
    Director: Hady Zaccak
    Writer: Hady Zaccak

  • 30 years ago (2016)
    146 min - Fiction
    Omar returns back from Europe after inheriting his former boss, carrying the curse that killed his boss' family to his family's doorsteps.......
    Director: Amr Arafa
    Writer: Ayman Bahgat Kamar

  • a day for women (2016)
    123 min - Fiction
    In a shabby neighborhood in Egypt, a youth center decides to allocate one day on the swimming pool for women only. The film follows the consequences of this decis......
    Director: Kamla Abouzekri
    Writer: Hanaa Atiyah

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