Arab Films
  • the natives (2017)

    Imagine finding out that you have been spied on your entire life? What would you do then? That’s the case of Samir! While his work seems to be falling ......

    Director: Marwan Hamed
    Writer: Ahmed Mourad

  • the nile hilton incident (2017)
    110 min - Thriller

    Set against the backdrop of the Egyptian Revolution, the film features a police officer who investigates the murder of a woman. What initially seems to be a ......

    Director: Tarik Saleh
    Writer: Tarik Saleh

  • the poetess (2017)
    90 min - Documentary

    In a man-dominated profession, a component Saudi poetess managed to snatch the ‎award of Abu Dhabi’s prestigious contest “Million’s ......

    Director: Stefanie Brockhaus, Andreas Wo
    Writer: Stefanie Brockhaus, Andreas Wo

    94 min - Fiction

    In a society where women have to fight to be treated equally, JAHILYA presents a condemnation of the misogyny of Moroccan ......

    Director: Hicham Lasri
    Writer: Hicham Lasri

  • tunis by night (2017)
    70 min - Drama

    Set a few days before the most important time in the modern history of Tunisia, the revolution of 2011, Tunis by Night follows the lives of family members ......

    Director: Elyes Baccar
    Writer: Elyes Baccar

  • until the birds return (2017)
    115 min - Fiction

    Algeria today. Past and present collide in the lives of Mourad, a newly wealthy property developer, Aïcha, a young woman torn between the path of ......

    Director: Karim Moussaoui
    Writer: Karim Moussaoui, Maud Ameline

  • until the end of time (2017)
    93 min - Drama

    Sometime all what it takes is one encounter to change everything around! Aging Joher decides to arrange her own funeral to make sure her grave is close to ......

    Director: Yasmine Chouikh
    Writer: Yasmine Chouikh

  • UPON THE SHADOW (2017)
    80 min - Documentary

    An eye-opening documentary of the daily life of Amina Sboui and her friends from the LGBT community. The film captures their struggles as they try to have a ......

    Director: Nada Mezni Hafaiedh
    Writer: Nada Mezni Hafaiedh

  • volubilis (2017)
    106 Min - Drama

    Abdelkader and Malika are two lovebirds who dream of living a happy life together. Yet fate had other plans in store for them, as soon Abdelkader gets ......

    Writer: Faouzi Bensaidi

  • wajib (2017)
    96 min - Drama

    Many years ago, Shadi traveled abroad leaving behind his home in Palestine as well ‎as his troubled relationship with his father. Back for his ......

    Director: Annemarie Jacir
    Writer: Annemarie Jacir

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