Arab Films

  • THE BURDENED (2023)
    - Fiction
    When Isra’a discovers she is ......

    Director: Amr Gamal

  • All Roads Lead to Rome (2022)
    100 min - Fiction

    Hady, a famous actor, is shortlisted for the role of the young pope in an international production. To prepare for the decisive casting, Hady chooses to ......

    Director: Lara Saba
    Writer: Josephine Habchi

  • Ashkal (2022)
    92 min - Crime

    The film Follows an Investigation when the body of a caretaker is found calcined in the middle of a construction site in the gardens of ......

    Director: Youssef Chebbi
    Writer: François-Michel Allegrini, Yo

  • Awdah (2022)
    90 min - Drama

    After each of them evolved differently from the other, Amal has to adjust to her new life with her husband who was imprisioned for 12 years in Israeli ......

    Director: Ihab Jadallah
    Writer: Ihab Jadallah & Alicia Ortega

  • Boy From Heaven (2022)
    126 min - Drama, Thriller

    On the first day back after the summer holidays, the grand imam collapses and dies in front of his students in a prestigious university in Cairo. This marks ......

    Director: Tarik Saleh
    Writer: Tarik Saleh

  • Cotton Queen (2022)
    90 min - Drama

    It is about 15-year-old Nafisa, who lives a simple life in a village famous for growing cotton. She spends her days picking cotton with her friends, and her ......

    Director: Suzannah Mirghani
    Writer: Suzannah Mirghani

    90 min - Fiction

    Roaming the streets of Beirut searching for metal objects to be recycled, Ahmed, a Syrian refugee, thought he’d find love with Mehdia, an Ethiopian ......

    Director: Wissam Charaf.
    Writer: Wissam Charaf, Mariette Déser

  • El Akhira. La dernière reine (2022)
    110 min - Fiction

    Director: Adila Bendimerad, Damien Ounou
    Writer: Adila Bendimerad, Damien Ounou

    113 min - Fiction

    Aissa, a young officer of Algerian origin, tragically loses his life during a fresher initiation ritual at the prestigious French military academy of ......

    Director: Rachid Hami.
    Writer: Rachid Hami, Ollivier Pourriol

    117 min - Fiction

    When As’ad, a 12-year-old rubbish picker, adopts an American sex doll from the Baghdad dumps, he crosses into a perilous red zone, finding himself ......

    Director: Ahmed Yassin Al Daradji.
    Writer: Ahmed Yassin Al Daradji, Marga

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