Arab Films
  • AMAL (2018)
    83 min - Documentary

    Amal, an angry teenager, comes of age in a post-revolution Egypt that is undergoing tremendous change. The film is an observational self-discovery journey that......
    Director: Mohamed Siam
    Writer: Mohamed Siam

    90 min - Documentary

    A thrilling documentary that brings Ayreen Anastas together with both artist Rene Gabri and philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy to complete an unfinished film.

    Director: Ayreen Anastas, Rene Gabri
    Writer: Ayreen Anastas, Rene Gabri

  • CAPHARNAUM (2018)
    150 min - Fiction

    The film is a mix of fiction and documentary- realism bringing the story of a rebellious ‎child who refuses to follow the rules imposed upon him and decide......
    Director: Nadine Labaki
    Writer: Nadine Labaki

    85 min - Fiction

    Synopsis: Forty years ago, filmmaker Cynthia Choucair was a refugee, today she is a volunteer of COUNTING TILES who welcomes the coming Arab refugees with a ch......
    Director: Cynthia Choucair
    Writer: Cynthia Choucair

  • DEAR SON (2018)
    104 mins - Fiction

    The married couple Riadh and Nazly live every parent’s worst nightmare when they wake up one day to find their teenage son Sami missing. With a million q......
    Director: Mohamed Ben Attia
    Writer: Mohamed Ben Attia

    95 mins - Fiction

    Set against the backdrop of 2011’s spring in Syria, the film follows the 25-year Nahla who finds herself torn between choosing to stay in her country and......
    Director: Gaya Jiji
    Writer: Gaya Jiji

  • Poisonous Roses (2018)
    70 min - Fiction

    In a portrait of poverty in today’s Egypt, the story follows Taheya whose worst nightmare is her little brother fleeing the country and she does every tr......
    Director: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh
    Writer: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh

  • SOFIA (2018)
    80 mins - Fiction

    Set in the charming Casablanca, the film follows Sofia whose life turns upside down after giving birth. With no clue about who the father is , Sofia’s jo......
    Director: Meryem Benm’barek
    Writer: Meryem Benm’barek

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