• Leila and I
    Directed By: Maggie Morgan
    Country: Egypt
    Produced by: Shady Habashy
    Genre: Fiction
    Achievements: The $10,00 Arab Radio and Television (ART) award at Cairo Film Connection
  • Let’s Play Soldiers
    Directed By: Mariam Al-Dhubani
    Country: Yemen
    Produced by: Mohammed Al-Jaberi
    Genre: Documentary
    Achievements: Selected for Cairo Film Connection at the 44th Cairo International Film Festival.
    Directed By: Latifa Said
    Country: Algeria
    Produced by: Richard Djoudi
    Genre: Fiction
    Achievements: Received a grant from the Doha Film Institute, Received the Iraqi Cinema Institution of $5,000
  • look at me
    Directed By: Nejib Belkadhi
    Country: Tunisia
    Produced by: Propaganda Productions
    Genre: Narrative Feature
    Achievements: Supported by SANAD Abu Dhabi Film Fund at 2015 Supported by Global Media Makers Program at 2017
    Directed By: Areen Omari
    Country: PALESTINE
    Produced by: Linda Mutawi
    Genre: Documentary
    Achievements: It received a $5,000 from Art City at the CineGouna Platform of the El Gouna Film Festival. It
  • me myself and murdoch
    Directed By: Yahya Alabdallah
    Country: Palestine, Jordan, France, Qatar
    Produced by: Rula Nasser
    Genre: Narrative Feature
    Achievements: Won Dubai Film Connection Award at 2012 Received the Doha Film Institute Spring Grant 2013 Suppor
    Directed By: Haifaa Al-Mansour
    Country: KSA, Qatar
    Produced by: Haifaa Al-Mansour
    Genre: Animation Feature
    Achievements: Received the Doha Film Institute Fall Grant 2015
    Directed By: Tamer Ruggli
    Country: Egypt, Switzerland
    Produced by: Francine Lusser
    Genre: Fiction

    Sue comes back to Egypt to join her dying mother, an Egyptian arist

  • mnemosyne
    Directed By: Shaza Moharam
    Country: Egypt, Qatar
    Produced by: Shaza Moharam, Nada Riyadh
    Genre: Feature Experimental or Essay
    Achievements: Received the Doha Film Institute Spring Grant 2017
  • Mouvma, Poets like no other
    Directed By: Ines Ben Othman
    Country: Tunisia
    Produced by: Ines Ben Othman (Tunistudio Film Production)
    Genre: Documentary
    Achievements: Selected for the Carthage Industry Days 2022

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