112 min - Fiction

Feathers creates a fantasy world following the life of a submissive wife fully dedicated to her husband and children while being stuck in the daily, repetitive, and mundane chores. A sudden interesting change of events occurs when a magic trick goes wrong at her 4-year-old son’s birthday party, turning her husband into a chicken. Now that the magician failed to undo the trick, the mother is forced to take control over her family and calls all the shots. While looking out for her family, and trying to turn back her husband, the submissive woman rises up to the challenge and goes through a rough and absurd transformation.

Director: Omar El Zohairy
Writer: Omar El Zohairy, Ahmed Amer
Country: Egypt, Netherlands, Greece, France
Production: Still Moving, Film Clinic and Lagoonie Film Production, Kepler Film, Heretic


Baumi Award, Torino Film Lab, Cinéfondation, Post-production Award-Atlas Workshop of Marrakech International Film Festival, and the Dutch post-production award.

Awards / Nominations:

Critics' Week Grand Prize - Cannes Film Festival


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