Aisha Can’t Fly Anymore | Egypt

Directed By: Morad Mostafa
Produced By: Sawsan Yusuf (Bonanza Films)
Genre: Fiction
Statues: in-development


Cinegouna Platform

Rotterdam Lab

Red Sea International Film Festival

Festival Cinemed (Occitanian Region, French Kiss studio and Saraband)


Aisha, a Somali young woman of 26-years-old who works as a health care for elderly patients, lives in Ain-Shams a neighbourhood in the heart of Cairo where she witnesses the underworld of growing African migrants’ society and the tension between the different groups. Routine, pressure of dreary work and being stuck in a loveless relationship with an Egyptian cook; while being involved with an Egyptian gang that controls her neighbourhood and blackmails her to steal apartment keys from the old patients, make her dreams and violent nightmares cross to her reality and leads her into an impasse.