UN Refugee Agency teams up with Arab Cinema Center and IEFTA to present ‘Displacement: Cinematic Perspectives’ panel at 77th Cannes

UN Refugee Agency teams up with Arab Cinema Center and IEFTA to present ‘Displacement: Cinematic Perspectives’ panel at 77th Cannes
15 May 2024:

UN Refugee Agency teams up with Arab Cinema Center and IEFTA to present ‘Displacement: Cinematic Perspectives’ panel at 77th Cannes


In collaboration with the International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Arab Cinema Center (ACC) will be presenting a panel titled ‘Displacement: Cinematic Perspectives,’ on May 20th, from 9:30 to 11 am, at the Plage des Palmes, as part of its intensive program that will be held during this year’s 77th Cannes Film Festival, which runs from May 14th to the 25th.


During this discussion panel, journalist Hadley Gamble will engage in a thought-provoking conversation with UNHCR goodwill ambassador and actress Cate Blanchet, along with filmmaker Daniela Repas and photographer Barat Ali Batoor under the moderation of the sensational Arab host Raya Abirached to shed light on the power of cinema in portraying and addressing the challenges of displacement. 

Launched in 2017 by the ACC at the Cannes Film Festival, the Arab Critics Awards for Arab Films provides a platform for an unprecedented jury of more than 200 prominent international film critics to select and honor the best of recent Arab cinema across numerous awards categories.


About the IEFTA: 


The International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA), a non-governmental organization based in Monaco, aims to discover, develop, and connect talented filmmakers from emerging regions with industry professionals in the film industry. 


It seeks to support filmmakers who have limited or no access to the necessary resources to realize their artistic works. This is achieved through a range of support programs organized by IEFTA, such as the Voices of Refugees program, held in collaboration with the Cannes International Film Festival and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The program aims to honor filmmakers and their films documenting the plight of refugees worldwide. 

Website: https://www.iefta.org/


About the Cannes Film Festival’s Marché du Film

The Marché du Film — the business wing of the Cannes Film Festival — is the largest international gathering of professionals in the film industry. As the key stepping stone in the creation, production, and distribution of films around the world, the marché is proud to bring together over 12,500 industry professionals (including producers, distributors, festival representatives, film institutions, buyers, and financiers) from over 120 countries to meet, share ideas and projects, and make deals in one unique setting.

Website: www.Marchédufilm.com 


About the Arab Cinema Center

The ACC was established by MAD Solutions in 2015 as an international promotional and networking platform for Arab cinema. Registered as a non-profit organization in Berlin, the ACC provides its partner companies with a visible presence at all major film festivals and markets, connecting them with industry professionals, organizing events, and publishing special editions of the Arab Cinema Magazine.

Website: http://acc.film/

About the UNHCR


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is dedicated to protecting the rights and well-being of refugees, forcibly displaced persons, and stateless individuals worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to providing essential assistance, ensuring access to education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities, the UNHCR works tirelessly to find durable solutions and promote the inclusion and integration of displaced populations. Through its humanitarian efforts and advocacy work, the UNHCR strives to create a world where the rights and dignity of every person on the move are respected and protected.