The Actors
A veritable Middle Eastern icon, Youssra is Egypt’s most renowned multi-faceted celebrity with instant street recognition wherever she goes after gracing the silver screen for more than 30 years.

Youssra starred in Shahid’s Egyptian mini-series ROSE AND LAYLA alongside Nelly Karim. ِAlways eager to speak loudly about women's issues, she recently starred in LEILET EL EID — a film that followed the lives of several struggling women. On the international front, Youssra was also honored at the seventh Beirut International Women Film Festival. Most recently, Youssra celebrated her latest Eid film SHI’O, which found instant success in the Egyptian box office, prompting the announcement of a sequel.

What's the best advice you have ever been given - or given to others?
Don’t flatter yourself too much or think that no one can compare to you.

What has been your biggest setback/hurdle?
Facing the challenge of establishing myself among my peers.

What is the biggest misunderstanding about the Arab World and/or its entertainment industry?
That we fail to fully appreciate talented individuals and celebrities.

What will have the greatest game-changing effect on Arab cinema?
Recognizing the immense value of cinema as a universal language capable of changing everything and anything.

How do you recognize real talent?
Recognizing exceptional talent doesn't require extensive effort. Once you encounter a talent, you’ll recognize it right away.