TVision Media Productions | Egypt
At the start of this year, TVision released Raouf El Sayed’s EL HAREEFA — a football underdog team story with a cast of young stars that smashed Egypt’s box office, bringing in more than EGP 73m throughout its 15 weeks in theaters, making it the sixth highest-grossing film in the history of Egyptian cinema. TVision also produced two of the most successful original series for Watch It — HALA KHASA, starring the stand-up comedian Taha Desouky in his first leading role, and LAHZET GHADAB, a thriller headed by Jordanian star Saba Mubarak.

Tarek El Ganainy
Founder of TVision Media Productions
El Ganainy founded TVision in 2004 with a team of producers from around the Arab World, building itself up to combine creation, development, production, and distribution in one vessel. Since then, TVision has presented various productions, including films, series, talk shows, reality shows, and sitcoms.