The Actors
Tara Abboud
Jordanian Palestinian
Tara has had a promising career since her role in the 2009 film PRINCESS OF THE MOUNTAINS. In 2020, she was named one of Screen International’s Arab Stars of Tomorrow, and in 2021, she starred in Mohamed Diab’s film AMIRA, which won three awards at Venice. Abboud has also appeared in the television series OBOOR alongside Jordanian superstar Saba Mubarak.

Recently, Tara starred in the second season of the popular Netflix series AlRawabi School for Girls. The season was an international hit, with over 2.5m views within its first six days. This success has helped cement Abboud's place among the region's most talented young actresses. Last November, Tara starred in five episodes of the Disney+ original British heist series CULPRITS.

What's the best advice you have ever been given - or given to others?
Always embrace challenges and approach each job with conviction and dedication.

What has been your biggest setback/hurdle?
Balancing the responsibilities of medical school and an acting career has been challenging. Fortunately, I’ve had unwavering support from my family and university.

What is the biggest misunderstanding about the Arab World and/or its entertainment industry?
They don’t know that this part of the world has many human treasures. This region is a hotbed of talents, and we deserve to be out there, showing the world the what we have to offer.

We might be looked at as restrained or constricted; on the contrary, we are very diverse in our thoughts and talents and love to share our arts and human outlook with the world.

What will have the greatest game-changing effect on Arab cinema?
Sharing our stories; we have master writers, directors, cinematographers, and actors; and Arab cinema is definitely starting to have a bigger impact on our world with every passing day. We just need to keep on believing in ourselves and continue to produce films with stories that can touch hearts and transcend all boundaries.

How do you recognize real talent?
I recognize genuine talent when an actor's performance is so compelling that it moves me emotionally and I fully believe it.