Red Sea Fund | Saudi Arabia
Operating for less than three years, RSF granted $15 million for 242 projects from the Arab world and Africa, of which 50-60 are Saudi. RSF works with four cycles throughout the year: Cycle 01 for post-production projects in February, Cycle 02 for projects in production in April, Cycle 03 for development projects in June, and Cycle 04 for post-production projects in August. Among the Arab beneficiariy projects in 2022 were Youssef Chebbi’s ASHKAL, Amr Gmal’s THE BURDENED, and Tawfik Alzaidi’s NORAH, which marks the first Saudi offecial seelection at Cannes this year.

In June 2023, The RSF partnered with Film AlUla to offer a production grant for filmmakers with projects set in AlUla. The eight recipients of the RSF's first post-production grants were unveiled in May 2023; among them were Dead Dog by Lebanese director Sarah Francis and Holes by Saudi filmmaker Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan.

Emad Z Eskander
Head Manager of Red Sea Fund