Amjad Al-Rasheed
In 2016, Screen International selected him as one of five Arab Stars of Tomorrow — a list highlighting the region's up-and-coming young talents. His film INSHALLAH A BOY premiered at the 76th edition of Cannes’ Critics’ Week, making history for being the first-ever Jordanian feature film to be selected for Cannes, where it won two prestigious awards: The Gan Foundation Award and the Rail D'Or Award for Best Feature Film.

INSHALLAH A BOY toured over 30 festivals, scoring 12 awards, generating considerable buzz, and getting rave reviews from A-list media publications like Screen Daily, the New York Times, and Variety. It has been selected as Jordan's entry to the Oscars and has had successful commercial releases in the Arab World and in France.

What's the best advice you have ever been given - or given to others?
Understand, don't judge; empathy builds deeper connections.

What has been your biggest setback/hurdle?
Securing funding and pushing boundaries with storytelling.

What is the biggest misunderstanding about the Arab World and/or its entertainment industry?
Avoid generalizations — Arab culture is diverse and often misrepresented.

What will have the greatest game-changing effect on Arab cinema?
Boosting cinematic awareness and audience appreciation.

How do you recognize real talent?
Recognizing real talent is about acknowledging one's intrinsic passion and commitment rather than merely recognizing personal abilities. For me, talent has always been intertwined with my profound passion for storytelling, which ignited within me at a young age and continues to drive my creative pursuits.