abdulelah alqurashi
His film ROLL ’EM (2019) was the first Saudi film to be released commercially in the kingdom. His second feature film, ALHAMOUR H.A. (2023), is the first Saudi film to see commercial release across the MENA region.

ALHAMOUR was Saudi Arabia's official entry for the 96th Oscars’ Best International Film Award. In addition to its commercial success in theaters, the film was released on Netflix in December 2023.

What's the best advice you have ever been given - or given to others?
Tell stories you truly know and understand.

What has been your biggest setback/hurdle?
Overcoming self-doubt and fear of failure

What is the biggest misunderstanding about the Arab World and/or its entertainment industry?
It’s often labeled as “different” and “unfamiliar” though rich in culture.

What will have the greatest game-changing effect on Arab cinema?
Embracing diverse stories and perspectives

How do you recognize real talent?
True talent shines through honesty, passion, and dedication.