Amjad al-rasheed
In 2016, he was selected by Screen International as one of five Arab Stars of Tomorrow — a list highlighting the up-and-coming young talents of the region.

Before his film INSHALLAH A BOY was selected for this edition of Cannes’ Critics’ Week, the project won four awards during the film’s post-production phase at the Venice Final Cut of 2022.

What character do you identify with?
Solid and active characters who are eager to question and learn and have the ability to change and adapt.

Who’s your hero?
My mother.

2024 will be the year that MENA finally does what?
Lives in peace, although that may seem like a long shot at the moment.

What was your first job?
I sold candy

What’s your secret daily habit or guilty pleasure?
Playing puzzle games on my phone.

What’s the last great show or film you watched?
TRIANGLE OF SADNESS for a film. And for a stage show, SWAN LAKE at the Paris Opera.

What would have been your dream job if you didn’t end up doing what you’re doing?
A chef.