Fatma Al Remaihi
CEO of Doha Film Institute
Khalil Benkirane
Head of Grant Unit of DFI
Since its founding in 2010, the DFI has remained one of the critical support planks for regional and international films, supporting as many as 675 films from 70 countries via its biannual funding around. The air and sea blockade imposed on Qatar since June 2017 has now been lifted, restoring normal relations with Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, and opening the door to more neighbourly collaboration. DFI’s other key financing strand, the Qatari Film Fund, is aimed at Qatari-based filmmakers, both nationals and residents. In a testament to its yearround calendar of support mechanisms, as many as 26 of the DFI-supported 45 projects showcased at its most recent Qumra talent and project incubator in March also went through one or more of its labs.