Jamal Al-Sharif
Director of Dubai Studio City and Dubai Film Commission
Hans Fraikin
Manager of Abu Dhabi Film Commission
Dubai, which will host the delayed World Expo starting this October, is home to more than 4,000 Arab, regional and international media organizations.Since Dubai does not offer a production incentive scheme–although it gives discretionary support on flights and hotels—Abu Dhabi has now taken over as the UAE’s go-to location for Hollywood and Asian productions. Abu Dhabi not only boasts sizeable production facilities of its own but a 30% cash rebate on production spend that has helped lure in huge productions such as Warner Bros upcoming sci-fi extravaganza DUNE. 2020 also saw the hiring of a new head of the Abu Dhabi Film Commission, Hans Fraikin, who is tasked with accelerating the Emirate's appeal as a global production destination, one that is set to include a major new studio complex and a fast-track visa programme for creative workers.