Hania Mroué
Co-Founder and Managing Director of Metropolis cinema and MC Distribution
Despite keeping open even during war times in the country, Metropolis Empire Sofil finally shut down in 2020, ending eleven years as the Beirut’s premier arthouse and film festival destination. Although programmed by the Hania’s Metropolis Association, the venue was managed technically, financially and operationally by the Empire Cinema Circuit, who took the decision to shut it down without prior notice following a rent row with location owners Bank Audi. Hania is bouncing back, however, with another venue and even that Metropolis closed due to owners clash but she’s back with another venue and pushing for the exhibition of more films through her MC Distribution whose releases have include IT MUST BE HEAVEN, WAJIB, PAPICHA, DACHRA, BEAUTY AND THE DOGS and A SON.