Alaa Karkouti
Co-Founder and Managing Partner of MAD Solutions
Maher Diab
Co-founder and Managing Partner
Colin Brown
Managing Partner-International
Abdallah Al-Shami
Managing Partner-GCC
One independent cinema’s bedrocks in the Arab world, Cairo-based MAD Solutions has distributed already more than 300 Arab films over the past 12 years. The new lineup, announced in June, includes more than 50 Arab titles for 2021-2022 period, among them films by Hany Abu Asaad, Mohamed Diab, Mohamed bin Attia and Bassel Ghandour, all of whom appear in this Golden 101. In Cannes, the company will be represented by the Lebanese film THE SEA AHEAD, while at Locarno, THE ALLEYS will premiere in competition and play in the Grand Piazza. MAD expanded MAD Celebrity company by starting the new unit MAD Rising Celebrity to help promote the careers of those next generation talents on the cusp of household recognition.