Egyptian Director/dop Ahmad Al-morsy Claims 2 More Awards From The Australian Cinematographers Society, Totaling 11

10 November 2022


Director/DOP Ahmad Al-Morsy continues to break records as one of the Arab world's most award-winning DOPs. In a ceremony held on November 5th in Sydney, Australia, Al-Morsy received two more awards from the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS), bringing his total number of awards from the society to 11. 

For his cinematography in Egypt’s highest-grossing film KIRA & EL GIN by Marwan Hamed – which was released in 2022 – Al-Morsy took home the ACS’s Gold Award, which is given to feature films with a production budget of AUD 2m or more.

He also picked up the Silver Award for his work as DOP and director of the grand opening of Luxor’s Avenue of Sphinxes.  

Moreover, Al-Morsy’s demonstrated mastery of his craft has earned him a permanent spot on the list of the most qualified DOPs and directors, making him a first-rate pick for every significant event in Egypt, which is why he was the sole director and DOP of the grand opening of Luxor's Avenue of Sphinxes and an integral member of the DOP/directing team that worked on the Pharaoh's Golden Parade, which was broadcast to millions of people around the world. 

Most recently, he participated in this year's most important global event, the UN Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP27), which is currently taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh and will run till November the 18th. Al Morsy oversaw the artistic supervision of the conference's opening session and was the Director/DOP of the film WELCOME IN EGYPT. He also directed the SHADOW show, which combines visual art with live performance. Several heads of state, ministers, climate activists, civil society representatives, and CEOs attended this event, which is watched by millions around the world and covered by over 3,000 journalists from 450 regional and international media organizations.

Al-Morsy has been working in the filmmaking industry for more than 25 years, making more than 50 films and over 2,000 TV ads as a DOP and recently as a director. Furthermore, throughout his career, he has won over 25 national and international awards for his work. 

Currently, Al-Morsy is a member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) and the ACS, which has now granted him a total of 11 awards since joining it in 2018.