• 50 Meters
    Directed By: Yomna Khattab
    Country: Egypt
    Produced by: Ahmed Amer (A.A. Films)
    Genre: Documentary
    Achievements: Won The IDFA Spotlight Award at Durban FilmMart
  • A butterfly hug
    Directed By: Sally Abo Basha
    Country: Egypt
    Produced by: Talal Afif
    Genre: Documentary
    Achievements: Selected for Cairo Film Connection at the 44th Cairo International Film Festival.
    Directed By: Rami Yasin
    Country: UAE, Jordan
    Produced by: Philistine Films
    Genre: Narrative Feature
    Achievements: Supported by SANAD Abu Dhabi Film Fund at 2013 Supported by Global Media Makers Program at 201
    Directed By: Kamal Aljafari
    Country: Palestine
    Genre: Documentary

    Selected for the Final Cut Workshop at the 79th Venice Film Festiva

  • a house in jerusalem
    Directed By: Muayad Alayan
    Country: Palestine
    Produced by: Muayad Alayan, Rami Alayan
    Genre: Narrative Feature
    Achievements: Received the Doha Film Institute Spring Grant 2016
  • A Long Breath
    Directed By: Remi Itani
    Country: Lebanon
    Produced by: Dima AL-Joundi
    Genre: Documentary
    Achievements: It was developed at the MENA program in 2012 of Documentary Campus in collaboration with the Goet
  • a man on fire
    Directed By: Ibrahim Harb
    Country: Lebanon, Qatar
    Produced by: Louai Haffar
    Genre: Feature Documentary
    Achievements: Received the Doha Film Institute Spring Grant 2017
  • a road to damascus
    Directed By: Meedo Taha
    Country: Lebanon, Syria
    Genre: Narrative Feature
    Achievements: Supported by the RFC Rawi workshop 2016
  • A Summer in Boujad
    Directed By: Omar Mouldouira
    Country: Morocco
    Produced by: Mohamed Nadif (Awman Productions)
    Genre: Fiction
    Achievements: Selected for the Carthage Industry Days 2022
    Directed By: Saeed Taji Farouky
    Country: France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Palestine
    Produced by: Estelle Robin You
    Genre: Feature
    Achievements: Participated in the Marché du Film

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