The Winners At The Amman Film Industry Days

27 July 2022

Nine film projects to receive cash and in-kind awards in the development and post-production categories, in addition to four projects receiving the Amman Film Market Awards, out of 18 Jordanian and Arab competing projects, during the Amman Film Industry Days; organized in the framework of the 3rd Amman International Film Festival.


Development Category Awards:

The Royal Film Commission Jordan - RFC US$ 5000 cash award for an Arab film in development to “Theft of Fire” directed by Amer Shomaly & produced by Rashid Abdelhamid


The International Emerging Film Talent Association (iefta) US$ 5000 cash award for a film in development to “Aysha Can’t Fly Away Anymore” directed by Morad Mostafa & produced by Sawsan Yusu

Greener Screen Greener Script integration and sustainable production best practice consultancy for the value of US$10,000 to “The Seasons of Jannet” directed by Mehdi Hmili & produced by Moufida Fedhila

Malmo Arab Film Festival Invitation to attend MAFF Industry Days 2023 for Jordanian Awal Film in development to “Detour” directed by Mooney Abu Samra & produced by Yanal Kassay


Post-Production Category Awards:

Filmlab: Palestine In-kind colour grading services for a documentary film in post-production for the value of US$ 15,000 to “Bye Bye Tiberias” directed by Lina Soualem & produced by Jean Marie Nizan.


The Amman Film Market Awards:

MAD Solutions Two Minimum guarantee in exchange for the distribution and sales rights in the Arab world for the value of US$10,000 to each project to “The Evening Tree” directed & produced by Adel Bakri and “Final Training” directed by Yassine Fannane & produced by Kawtar Tazrotui.

ART TV Network Cash award for a narrative project in development for the value of US$10,000 to “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” directed by Mohamed Samir & produced by Marwa Abdalla.