1 - The fourth Latin Arab Co-Production Forum is an activity organized by the Non-Governmental Organization for the Promotion of Cultural Diversity Creciente Cine Fértil to take place within the 2019 edition of Ventana Sur with the objective of boosting the development of cinematographic projects between Latin America and the Arab countries and of strengthening the co-production and distribution interregional networks.
2 - The fourth Latin Arab Co-Production Forum will be held between November 30 and December 2, 2019, and will consist of public pitching sessions for projects in the development stage, a Works in Progress (WIP) competition, business rounds and specialized conferences.
3 - Entry to the Forum is free of charge and open to full-length film projects in the development and post production stages from Latin American and Arab countries, be they fiction, documentaries, animations, or experimental works. The projects must meet the following requirements:
    - Minimum runtime of 60 minutes. Journalistic or informative audiovisual reports will not be considered as non-fiction projects.
     - Latin American projects must have a direct link with the Arab countries or vice versa: involvement of a Latin American producer, shooting locations, actors in the leading roles or subject in the script.
    - Majority Latin American countries eligible: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.
    - Majority Arab countries eligible: Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Comoro Islands, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen, and Djibouti.
    - The projects may have a minority co-producer from any other country in the world.
4 - In order to submit a project to the Forum, participants must complete the corresponding Google Form (forms may be completed in French as well)
- Projects in development ( LatinArab Pitch Competition )
- Work in Progress
The deadline to fill in the forms is November 13, 11:59 pm, Argentina time.
5 - The Selection Committee (made up essentially of the Forum’s Artistic Direction) will select projects which, in view of its members, respond to the objectives of the Forum and show outstanding and renewing artistic and production values.
6 - The presentation must include:
    6.1 - Project title
   6.2 - Director and producer’s full names
   6.3 - Project’s contact information [telephone number, email address, majority and minority country (country of origin) -in case of already having a co-producer]
   6.4 - Technical specs (genre, runtime, format, locations, etc.)
   6.5 - Storyline (no longer than 200 words)
   6.6 - Synopsis (no longer than 500 words)
   6.7 - Director and producer’s Bio-filmography
   6.8 - Links to previous works both by director and producer
   6.9 - Director’s statement (no longer than 500 words)
   6.10 - Treatment (no longer than 2000 words) –Pitch only
   6.11 - Production design (no longer than 500 words) –Pitch only
   6.12 - Budget summary and financial plan (You may find an example here) –Pitch only
   6.13 - Link to Work in Progress (10 to 15 min.) –WIP only
   6.14 - A scan of the signed rules and regulations document
7 - Projects linked with any member of the organization of Ventana Sur, or with any INCAA employee or in connection to the Forum’s organization cannot participate in the Forum.
8 - The Forum will recognize the signatory of the application form as the sole representative for all aspects related to the participation of the project in the Forum and as the sole responsible before other companies or individuals involved in the project.
9 - The decision made regarding the selection of projects will be final.
10 - The invitation made to each project will remain strictly confidential between the direction of the Latin Arab Co-Production Forum and the producers or representatives of the project until the Forum decides to make an official announcement in this regard.
11 - A jury made up of renowned figures from the national and international film industry will be appointed by the Forum to choose the Best LatinArab Documentary Pitch and the Best LatinArab Fiction Pitch and another jury made up of other members will choose the Best Work in Progress. These juries may also select other special mentions considered worthy.
12 - The Co-Production Forum will present the winners of its competitions with the following awards:
    12.1 - USD$15,000 Award for Best Documentary Pitch.
    12.2 - IES en Lenguas Vivas ‘Juan Ramón Fernández’ award for a Documentary Pitch, worth of translation services for dossiers.
    12.3 - El Gouna Film Festival Award for Best Fiction Pitch, worth USD$4,0001.
    12.4 - Haddock Films Award for an Argentinean project.
    12.5 - The Language Lab Award* for a Fiction Pitch, worth the SP<>EN/FR translation of 10,000 words for dossiers.
    12.6 - Award for Fiction Pitch, consisting in script doctoring.
    12.7 - Lahaye-Pomeranec Award* for Best Work in Progress, consisting in production services worth $16,000.
    12.8 - Cine Fértil Subtitulado Award* for Best Work in Progress, worth the subtitling to English or Spanish of the finished project.
*The winners shall have until 12/12/2020 to benefit from these awards. 1Exchange rate differences and wiring expenses are the responsibility of the Award recipient.
13 - Once the winning projects are finished, the Latin Arab Co-Production Forum logotype and Cine Fértil’s logotype must be included in the final cut’s credits, as well as in any promotional or exhibition material. The Forum and the award won must also be featured in the final cut’s rolling credits in the following form: “With the support of ________ (Award presenter) via LatinArab Co-Production Forum 2019.”
14 - Any query rising from the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations will be addressed to the Latin Arab Co-Production Forum Direction.
15 - In the event of discrepancy in the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations, the Spanish version will apply.
16 - The sole participation in the Latin Arab Co-Production Forum implies authorization from the Participants to publish and promote images, pictures and participants’ names and surnames on the web site and other means of communication belonging to the Forum and its partners.

I agree and accept the rules and regulations