The Arab Cinema Center Opens Call for Applications for the MAFF - Málaga Film Festival Fund & Co-production Event that comply with the following requirements:

1 - The projects must be presented by production companies of Latin America, registered as such in the Film Institute or equivalent institution of their country of origin, whether a trade institution or an institution acknowledged as such.
2 - Clear contractual relationship with the scriptwriter confirming assignment of rights of exploitation.
3 - The nationality of the projects must coincide with their country of origin.
4 - In the case of an international coproduction project, the contract or memo deal substantiating each country's participation share must be submitted.
5 - It is essential that the project presented be the director's/producer's first or second piece of work.
6 - Fiction feature films, feature-length documentaries and animation projects will be accepted, with a minimum running time of 70 minutes. Series, news reports or TV films will not be accepted.
7 - The projects presented must be in an advanced stage of development, in other words have secured financing for at least 20% of production costs. Projects in the shooting or post-productions phases will not be accepted.
8 - Projects will be registered online, at no cost, by means of the Registration Form that can be found at the website
The material/information must be sent in the official MAFF languages.
9 - In addition to the Registration Form, in order to register a project the following information must be sent –
10 - The producer must certify, by means of the digital signature of the registration form, that it holds title to all the material/information provided and that it has full rights and authority to submit the material/information requested by MAFF.
11 - The material/ information submitted by the applicants shall be treated as confidential material by the Malaga film festival and associated entities, and by the members of the assessment teams and professionals involved in the selection and benefit process.
12 - The projects will be selected by 4 renowned professionals, and the decision of the Jury Committee cannot be appealed. The organizers reserve the right to publicly reveal the assessments; however, the results of the assessment will be sent to each applicant by email.
13 - Once the projects have been selected by the Jury Committee, producers will be formally notified and must in turn confirm their attendance. Subsequently, an official public announcement will be made on the website and on social media associated to the Arab Cinema Center (ACC).
14 - The Producer or Director of selected projects must attend the MAFF event. In the event this requirement is not fulfilled, the Malaga film festival is entitled to cancel said project's participation in the event. For the selected projects, the attendance of both the director and producer is recommended.
15 - After confirming the project's participation in the event, the Producer undertakes to send the materials/information requested in two languages, namely Spanish and English, within the deadlines indicated by the Malaga Film Festival.
16 - The Malaga Film Festival will have the right to use the material/information provided by the selected projects for dissemination and promotion in national and international territories through the channels and media it deems appropriate.
17 - MAFF is an international event which European producers will attend in order to learn about the projects selected. Therefore, it is important that pitching and presentations be done in English.
18 - EAVE, European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, will award one of the selected projects with the opportunity to take part in their Program PUENTES [Bridges], which will take place in November 2018. Each participant will be offered accommodation during the workshop and we will cover part of the meals.
18.1 - FILM MARKET HUB, collaborators of MAFF, will award all projects selected with free annual registration in its online market (with a value of €79.99 each registration). Thus, in addition to their participation in the different forums, the projects will be able to connect online to an ample network of European and Latin American producers and companies.
The objective is that their participation in MAFF will give them more visibility and opportunities to find interested co-producers.
18.2 - S0RFOND, the Norwegian South Film Fund, will grant one of the projects selected for MAFF 2018 the right to participate in the S0RFOND Pitching Forum, to be held in November 2018.
This will include:
- 2 days of consultancy with an expert
- Confirmation of participation in the campus as one of the 8 projects
- Accommodation
- Meals
- Flights to and from Oslo

Additionally, the Malaga Film Festival is arranging other awards that will be added to the ones currently confirmed and will be announced in due time.
19 - On the veracity of the information
In the event that the person in charge of the project has not provided true information regarding the project's financial situation, or his/her competencies, in the documents submitted with the application, or during execution of the project, and if no corrections are made to the organizers' satisfaction pursuant to their comments regarding this matter, the Malaga film festival reserves the right to inform the competent authorities of said person's country of origin regarding the matter and any action they may deem appropriate. Moreover, the production company shall be barred from submitting projects for up to 5 years. The decisions adopted by the Malaga film festival in this respect shall be recorded in an administrative act to be notified to the affected party by registered mail, giving rise to the obligation to refund the amounts the latter may have received as a prize in cash or in kind.
20 - Ineligibility
Pursuant to this call for applications, production companies that at the time of presentation of their application, or during the assessment or selection phases, are involved in a case of ineligibility due to administrative incidents in their respective country, or in respect to their local and/or international funds, shall not be eligible to participate in this call for applications.

I agree and accept the rules and regulations