CNC World Cinema Support | France | Production and Post-Production


The Aide aux Cinémas du Monde (World Cinema Support) is a fund ‎dedicated to international co-productions. It’s offered to foreign feature-length film projects that seek support from French co-‎producers. The project seeking funding must be a co-production between a production company established in France and one that is not. The grant covers pre and post film projects.

Deadline for submission:

For production support, there’re four submission cycles; March 1st to 7 2017, June 6 to 12 2017, September 1st to 8 2017, and December 1st to 8 2017

For Post-production support, the submission cycles take place on May 29 to June 2nd 2017, September 11 to 15 2017, November 6 to 10 2017, January 22 to 26 2018